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Get the best quality tires that are guaranteed Low Cost Per Kilometer and guarantee for your Money.

We provide quality products, both new and retread tires

Get your tire needs assessed and advised by a team of dedicated and well experienced experts from Treadsetters Tyres LTD.

Total Tyres Management Solutions (TTMS)

We are the sole distributors of New Bridgestone tyres, a world leading tyre brand manufactured in Japan and Thailand. Bridgestone full range of tyres has worn a substantial market share in the Kenyan market with a high rate of acceptability in both original equipment (OE) as well as the replacement tyre industry.


We pride ourselves in constantly improving quality, service and customer satisfaction.


Treadsetters Tyres Mantra

We specialize in offering Innovative solutions in our Products and services.

Our vision
To make a positive impact, together, in everything we do
To build life-Long partnerships
Our mission
We will invest in our people to serve our customers' needs
with the finest quality products and services using IT and
Technology and taking Ownership for everything we do.
Together we will be fun people serving happy customers.
Our Corporate DNA
At Treadsetters Tyres LTD we work together, striving to bring out the best in others and ourselves.
Our Bandag retreads have stood the test of time by consistently exhibiting the lowest cost per kilometer (LCPK) hence posing a positive impact on our customers P&L..
Treadsetters Tyres Ltd uses an inhouse development platform that focusses on efficiency and user-friendliness for customers at their convenience. A strong focus on data collection creates an environment to learn, improve and adapt to market developments.
We use our own proprietary risk assessment tools to process requests efficiently. Collaborations with institutions that allow Treadsetters Tyres Ltd to share risk and educate on potential impact using our products and technology.
We operate on a sustainable commercial footing and are convinced that economic IMPACT is best achieved through developing a vibrant and resilient Transport sector.
Our Partners